Advertise Your Brand offers manufacturers a cost-effective medium for increasing sales and branding. We send thousands of customer referrals to our merchant partners daily. Expedite offers manufacturers the ability to promote products and services to millions of unique shoppers each month. In fact, manufacturers can reach millions of active and motivated shoppers at the crucial brand and purchase decision points.

Expedite also offers the most flexible commerce solutions for managing the path between your web product pages and the point-of-sale. With Expedite’s Channel Engine, manufacturers can help consumers select the appropriate product based on features and specifications and then send consumers to the manufacturer’s authorized and/or preferred retailers or value-added re-sellers. Whichever path they select, consumers are referred to the merchants, retailers and service providers that are selected and approved by you. By streamlining the purchase path, Expedite’s Channel Engine prevents customers from getting lost, losing interest or choosing a competitor’s brand on their way to buy your product. By managing the entire referral process, manufacturers help shoppers find the right product from an approved vendor while supporting and improving channel relationships and increasing sales.

If you’re a manufacturer searching for motivated buyers, measurable results and online services that blend seamlessly with your existing site, then Expedite is the right partner for you.

Expedite combines informative content with intuitive design and breakthrough technologies, attracting some of the most demanding online shoppers in Nigeria. We attract a wide range of users, from regular shoppers to the occasional web browser. provides advertisers with the opportunity to reach a narrowly targeted audience visiting our site with the intention to shop. Our site attracts computer literate, informed buyers, in search of the best deal they can find. Expedite offers advertisers the ability to target their message to a specific audience through category-specific advertising.

We offer advertising opportunities on display banners throughout the site, which can complement product listings or work as standalone branding for your business. We also offer the chance for you to get involved with our email newsletters, blog and social media activity.

Banner advertising

Most banners on Expedite can be booked in specific categories or run across every page on the site. They are all charged on a flat rate, which varies by category and position. Our Account Managers are available to discuss our flexible rates




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If you’d like to have a chat about brand advertising or promotional opportunities then please get in touch with our account management team on 08186251270 or

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