Guide to buying a washing machine- Expert Review, Prices & Where to Buy

March 26, 2015

Guide to buying a washing machine- Expert Review, Prices & Where to Buy

You might be considering buying a washing machine to help you save the rigors of washing your clothing or family’s, or perhaps want a change or an upgrade on the washing machine you bought sometimes ago, when you probably didn’t have a technical knowledge of what to consider before making your choice.
On the face of it, your choice of a washing machine should be straight forward once you know what your budget is. But, there are few important things you really should consider before making that next shopping choice (unless you have a budget to buy another washing machine every 6 months or 1 year).
In this post, our team of experts will guide you through everything that’s important, the key specification, compare prices and finally, depending on your budget and priority, you’ll probably compromise some features.

Power Requirement
Given the current power/electricity situation in Nigeria today, you really need to consider this. For your washing machine choice, you need to factor in how to power it. If the electricity supply in your neighborhood is considerably good, you’re good to go. But alternatively, if you have to power it with a generator (or at least most of the time), here’s the big deal;
The power requirements of washing machines range from 80watts to 5000watts, so your generator capacity should give you a clue on your choice of washing machine. On the other hand, areas with averagely good electricity supply but with low current, should consider this factor as well.
Most top loaders which the prices range from ₦15,000 – ₦40,000 could well be a good choice, while the bigger front loaders demand more power.

Type of Loader
Here’s actually where your budget comes in. There are basically 2 forms of loaders, each with different features and hence contribute to the overall performance and ultimately the price.
Top Loaders
Top loader washing machine

Your clothing are loaded from the top, they’re simpler, not too sophisticated and the drum size ranges from 1.5kg – 11kg. Basically, they fit in to perform the basic function of washing your clothes without too many features. You’ll probably get top loaders for ₦15,000 – ₦50,000. Make no mistake, some of the more sophisticated ones could go for as much as ₦100,000

Front Loaders
Front Loader washing machine

Usually more expensive (₦45,000 and above) but definitely with better performance that comes with a whole lot of features (wash modes, display, automatic, spin speed), requires less water and detergent which sounds cool economically. They generally operate more quietly compared to top loaders and you might consider the combo (with drier) instead of buying a dryer separately.

Drum size/ Load Capacity
Arguably one of the most important elements of a washing machine and is described as the total weight of dry washing that can be loaded into the machine at a time. The capacity you consider should be based on the size of your household or frequency of laundry. A 4kg and above should suite a typical household of 4, as the larger drum size would be efficient to wash more clothes at once and can as well wash larger items like duvets.
The larger drum seems more economical per kg of washing as it requires less water and power to wash the same amount of clothes than washing machines with smaller drum and generally comes with more features and options.

Degree of Automation
Specifically stating, washing machines fall between the basic types and the automatic ones. This considers the level at which one has to be involved in the washing process. The basic, washes in one compartment and one has to manually transfer to another compartment to squeeze out water.
The automatic washing machines save all of that; you load your clothes, detergent (or other agents) and set your desired controls, then you’re set. Hence, the level of automation will be dependent on the features (See below). Considering this, budget washing machines might not be such a good option if you really want to save the hassles (it’s cool to just load your clothes, set time, dryer and in no time bring them out and iron).
Consider the front loaders with larger drum sizes for this.

Features and Ease of Use
Display; It’s important to consider a brand or type that’s clear and easy to operate. A clear display that shows its current settings, status, and time left on the wash cycle will come handy.
Wash Modes; Attention is needed to special wash cycle on a washing machine, so pay attention to this feature before buying one. A woolmark certified machine can wash woolen garments, while some will have special silk modes. If you also have a lot of delicate items, hand-wash mode can save you a lot. The easy-iron settings makes it easier to care for clothes you need to iron after the wash.
Spin Speed; Generally, the faster the spin speed, the drier your washing will be when the machine has finished. Budget washing machines will be typically spin at around 1,100 rpm, but the 1,400 rpm or 1,600rpm machine guarantees best performances
Brands; In Nigeria, the most reliable washing machine brands specifically built for our system are LG, Samsung, Midea, Haier Thermocool, Scanfrost, Ignis, Indesit; with all types and forms including top- loaders, front- loaders, eco-friendly, energy saving and antibacterial.
All-in-all, it still boils down to your budget and maybe your household size. So, whatever your budget is you can be sure of getting a quality washing machine from various online stores in Nigeria.
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