Inverter Batteries in Nigeria: Prices, Specifications, Top Brands and Where to Buy

November 12, 2016

Following up from our post on power inverters in Nigeria, here’s an important component of installing a power inverter as an alternative means of power supply; Inverter batteries.

Inverter batteries undoubtedly consumes the larger cost of installing the inverter system. Therefore, having a better informed decision will go a long way at helping you make the right choice.

Simply put, inverter batteries are designed to serve as the backbone of an inverter system. This ultimately determines the performance level and the life of the power inverter itself. The battery capacity measured in Ampere-hour (Ah) determines the back-up hours (Runtime) for the inverter system. You can have a look at this article to help you on how to determine an estimated required battery capacity and runtime.

Starter Battery or Inverter Battery

There’s a need to understand the basic difference between the two major kinds of batteries for power backup;

A Starter Battery supplies a high amount of current for a short time specifically to start an engine. This is what cars, and generators use to start their engines and once the engine is in use, the battery shuts major operation, except to power little electronics which consumes little power.

Deep Cycle Batteries on the other hand are designed to supply large amount of energy over a long period of time. It is designed to discharge most of its capacity up to 80% of its charge and still be charged.

Types of Inverter Batteries

We are focusing on the 2 major types we can find around here;

The Tubular Battery;  though different from a regular car battery, it is still a deep cycle battery that makes it suitable for inverters. Although, their reasonable costs encourage people to buy them, they require maintenance by topping up its lead acid (as required, say 6 months depending on its use).

tubular inverter battery


The Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Battery; largely encouraged for its convenience as it requires no maintenance, just install and that’s it. Though, costs more than the tubular type, its eco-friendliness is an important factor one should always consider while making a choice between the SMF and the tubular battery.

Sealed maintenance free (SMF) inverter battery


Battery Configuration

While installing your inverters, the configuration is also an important factor you need to consider during installation. In an attempt to install additional batteries to the set-up, we have three basic options for installation.  It’s important that all the batteries be of the same type and condition if possible. This improves both the safety and performance of the battery bank.

Battery banks are configured with series, parallel, or a series/parallel connections to achieve the desired battery bank voltage, such as 12V or 24V.

Series.. Configuration


Series Configuration: If you are aiming to increase the overall voltage of your inverter, the series configuration is for you. When a single battery dies, the other batteries will not be able to power the load.

Parallel Configuration: Batteries can also be connected parallel, this will increase the capacity and prolong the runtime of your inverter by increasing the overall Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating of the battery set. In a situation where a single battery is discharged, the other batteries will then discharge through it. This can lead to rapid discharge of the entire pack, or an over current and possible fire. You can simply avoid this by connecting the large parallel batteries via diodes or with automatic switching to isolate an under-voltage battery from the other.

Series and Parallel Configuration: This is needed if you want to get a specific voltage when only having a different voltage battery and to increase the ampere-hours at the same time to give the battery bank more storage capacity.

Prices and Where to buy

As usual, our price comparison platform helps you to compare the various specifications from different online stores in Nigeria, all at a glance. Follow the links below to compare prices of inverter batteries from major online stores in Nigeria.

Prag Inverters and Battery Prices in Nigeria

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