LG Home Theater AUD 996

LG Home Theater AUD 996

LG Home Theater AUD 996

3D Sound

The 3D Sound Blu-ray™ Home Theater, created by Vertical 3D Sound Channel and Dual Subwoofers, provides an upgraded and immersive sound experience by creating a dome-like sound field that fills your senses from head to toe. Enjoy the genuine 3-dimentional sound and picture as if you were part of the action.

Vertical 3D Sound

Vertical 3D sound channels applied on top of the tallboy speakers generate sound vertically, expanding the upper sound field and filling your room with the immersive and rich 3-dimensional sound. Push the ”3D sound on“ button on your remote control, and enjoy the most realistic 3D sound experience as if you were at a cinema.

Dual Subwoofers

With two slim subwoofers on both sides, the HX996TS enhances the bass sound that a conventional home theater system with a single subwoofer fails to replicate. You will experience stronger, deeper, room-filling sound through the powerful dual subwoofers.

Cinema Dome Effect

The cinema dome effect created by the advanced 3D sound technology fills the room with sound from top to bottom, placing you at the center of sound. This replicates a cinema-like experience, and allows you to become more deeply immersed in the 3D experience.

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