Samsung Home Theatre – HT-E450K

Samsung Home Theatre – HT-E450K

Samsung Home Theatre - HT-E450K


The Samsung Home Theatre - HT-E450K home entertainment system is designed to deliver a deeper bass and richer sound. Make the most of your entertainment with the full range of sound. A built-in front-firing subwoofer at the bottom of the speaker delivers rich and deep low-end tones to ensure TV programmes, music and movies are vivid and immersive. Unlike comparable products, you won’t have to buy costly additional equipment for powerful audio. Your Samsung Home Entertainment System has all you need to enjoy cinematic sound and magnificent music in the comfort of your living room.


  • Model:HT-E450K/SW1000W
  • Key Control
  • DVD-Video/DVD±R/DVD±RW
  • Antenna included
  • Composite Cable available
  • HDMI Cable available
  • FM Tunner Available
  • 0.47W standby power consumption
  • USB Recording
  • Smart Volume available
  • MP3 Enhancer available

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