Samsung Home Theatre MM E430D Micro

Samsung Home Theatre MM E430D Micro

Samsung Home Theatre MM E430D Micro Quick description Of Samsung Home Theatre MM E430D Micro

Your Samsung Micro Audio System is designed to deliver a deeper and richer bass sound. The vibrations radiate through the speaker system to ensure all low notes are produced. The powerful sound will take your entertainment to the next level and make you feel as if you were in the theatres. Enjoy powerful sounds with Samsung’s Micro Audio Systems.Enjoy your favourite radio program once you have Samsung Audio System’s Radio Recording Timer feature. By letting your audio start recording at a particular time that you’ve set and record only for a certain length of time as you like, Samsung Audio System allows you not to miss any single radio program that you like. Be flexible with your schedule, not being restricted by the fixed time of your favorite radio program.


  • Component Output available
  • Anyent+ (HDMI-CEC) available
  • Composite Output available
  • ARC (Audio Return Channel) available
  • AUX in (L / R) available
  • Bluetooth Available
  • CD Ripping (X1 with Playing Occasion) available
  • CD x 3 EZ MP3 Maker
  • HDMI Out available
  • Headphone Jack available
  • Galaxy S-2, NOTE Available
  • Scart Out 1ea available
  • USB Host available
  • Made for iPod / iPhone
  • iPod / iPhone Built-in Dock
  • FM Tuner available2 Channel

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