Nokia Lumia 520  Black

Nokia Lumia 520 Black

Nokia Lumia 520  Black The Lumia 520 from Nokia is equipped with the Windows phone 8 operating system and comes with exclusive camera digital lenses‎‎,‎‎ 1GHz dual core processor and a super sensitive touchscreen that even works with long nails or gloves‎‎.‎‎ The smartphone is affordable for the high quality it possesses and comes with free music and GPS navigation‎‎.‎‎ OS‎:‎ Windows Phone 8

  • Main Camera‎:‎ 5MP
  • Display size‎:‎ 4.0 inches
  • Maximum standby time‎:‎ 360 hours
  • Maximum talk time‎:‎ 9.6 hours
  • Maximum cellular network browsing time‎:‎ 6.7 hours
  • Music playback time‎:‎ 61 hours
  • Maximum Wi‎‐Fi network browsing time‎:‎ 6.2 hours
  • Touch screen technology‎:‎ Super‎‐sensitive touch
  • Memory‎:‎ RAM‎:‎ 512MB‎,‎ Mass memory‎:‎ 8GB
  • Expandable memory card type‎:‎ MicroSD Maximum memory card size‎:‎ 64GB
  • Colour‎:‎ Black

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