Save While Shopping Online, Use a Price Comparison Platform

May 24, 2014

With the proliferation of online stores in Nigeria over the past few years, it is pleasing to note that Nigeria have witnessed a massive growth in the e-commerce business.

Such growth has transformed Nigerians’ buying behavior, their trust in the services rendered by the “very popular” stores and the “not so popular” ones. Kudos also to the internet service providers whose increasing flexibilities in their services rendered have also seen the growth of Nigerians with internet access (Mobile, desktop or any other platform) to about 67 Million ( currently ranks Nigeria 8th in the world), even larger than the entire UK population, even France.

….And about 10 Million of us actually shop online and probably navigate through overwhelming choices of online stores that could be time wasting (I say annoying) sometimes.

This is exactly why/when you need a price comparison tool to help you save the stress. A typical price comparison site has the potential to empower users by helping them compare large volumes of offers easily and quickly.

Each time you’ve made a decision to buy, few questions pop-up,

  • There are loads of online stores to search from, you might need to ask yourself ‘where do I start from’?
  • You’ve probably checked up to 5 stores for availability and have seen the different prices? Cool, as well as the delivery services to the part of the country you reside and at what cost? Pay on delivery? Return policy? Excellent…..

But, do you really have to do this each time you want to buy online? Seriously??

No Way!!!

By shopping online, you seek convenience, you want to save time, you want the comfort of stuffs delivered to your doorstep, and you want to save the hassles of visiting the regular brick-and-mortar retailers or shopping centers.

So, why the stress?

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